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  • Forms Molecular Bond to Metal.
  • Protects & Lubricates Longer.
  • Seals out Moisture, Oxygen & Debris.
  • Penetrates Debris to Deep Clean.
  • Performs in -72° to 395° Fahrenheit.
  • One Step Care for Metal.
  • Reduces Failures & Maintenance Time.


  • TruDraw

    Bow Oil

    With minimal scent, TruDraw's bow specific formula works into all the tight spots of your bow to protect the metal from rust, reduce friction, and keep your bow at peak performance and looking new. It is ideal for cam protection and friction wear. TruDraw is licensed and endorsed by Major League Bowhunter.

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  • TruCast

    Fishing Reel Oil

    TruCast's chemical technology is what allows it to last longer than all other reel oils on the market today.  Whether it's fresh or salt water, TruCast's 100% Synthetic Blend formula ensures all of the metal and moving parts of your reel are rust free and lubricated to deliver the smooth performance your demand.

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    Waterfowl Oil

    TruRecoil's MAXIMUM Waterfowl Oil is specifically engineered to last longer and completely outperform all other oils in the extreme and demanding conditions of waterfowl hunting. Debris can be wiped or washed away and MAXIMUM remains as a protective and lubricating barrier to keep your gun in the game!

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  • TruRecoil

    Gun Oil

    TruRecoil Gun Oil penetrates rust and debris and molecularly bonds to the metal of your gun. Its 100% synthetic blend formula performs longer to prevent rust, cleans more thoroughly and efficiently, and lubricates your gun to keep it shooting when it counts ... EVERY TIME YOU PULL THE TRIGGER!

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TruProducts - Total Protection for Metal!

All TruProducts are specifically engineered for cleaning, lubricating and protecting the metal of your outdoor gear. TruProducts are all 100% synthetic blend oils that are engineered to bond to metal and create a lasting barrier of protection and lubrication for your hunting and fishing equipment.

TruProducts will not separate from metal in the presence of moisture, debris or extreme high and low temperatures. Years of field and laboratory testing prove TruProducts outlast traditional oils and lubricants every time.

Success starts with preparation. Regular maintenance with TruProducts lubricants will:

  • Maximize equipment performance
  • Minimize maintenance time and expense
  • Reduce equipment failures
  • Decrease replacement costs

TruProduct oils were specifically developed for today's high performance equipment used by the avid sportsman in the water, in the woods, or on a firing range. Your equipment is an investment. Take care of it with TruProducts.

TruProducts delivers or we'll refund your money!


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